Creekside’s Report for March

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Mrs Ann Parker, president of Creekside WI welcomed members, including a special welcome for Carole Barford.

Beautiful birthday buttonholes, made by Marlene Cassidy, were given to those members whose birthdays occur in March. Happy Birthday!

Members gave favourable opinions of activities they had taken part in this month. The Mama Mia sing-a-long, which included ice creams was enjoyed by all.

Thirty-four members attended the Kurling Evening. There was delicious food, lots of fun and laughter with a Mexican wave to celebrate the win. It was another successful evening.

Seventy-five pancakes were cooked for the Pancake Evening and THERE WEREN'T MANY LEFT!.......another very good evening.

The winner of The Best Bloom was Mary Lavery and the Pottery exhibits was Linda Sheasby.

This month Angela, Julie and Ann from Fired Art gave us a very creative evening. They were very well organised and it wasn't long before we had a paper mat to catch drops, a brush, a tile to put colours on and boxes of numbered colours and fired coloured tiles so that we could see what our finished handiwork would look like. There was a choice of chicken pots, sea side huts, tiles, ring holders and night light holders to decorate and with a few important instructions we were off! Everyone, whatever the level of their craftiness, created something beautiful and we will be able to see the results at our next meeting.
Looking forward to that!

Members decorating pottery

C Downie