Creekside’s Report for June

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Members were welcomed by Ann Parker with a special greeting to visitors Sue Condly and Patricia Murphy.

A special birthday buttonhole was given to Pat Rogers, 'Happy Birthday!'

Members were asked for their comments on activities enjoyed during the month. Our visit to Farringford was a success, beginning with a light lunch at Chessill Pottery. The staff were very helpful, and the food was good. The gardens at Farringford are beautifully maintained as is the house. I would like to say that the garden toilets are spotless as well. A great day!

We all enjoyed crazy golf again this year with a lovely meal in the cafe afterwards. They are very efficient, taking our orders before we begin the game so that we don't have to wait for our food. 'Thank you.'

Another Kurling evening was thoroughly enjoyed by the WI members and those from Rew Valley. They want to come back again...hooray! Thanks again to Jenny Gâches and her team for the delicious quiche, salad and crumble.

The winner of the Best Bloom was Susan Phillips and the best Joke came from Dorothy Maskell.

This month, after tea we had a quiz which was puzzling AND good fun. Nibbles kept our brains active. We had three sheets; on the first we had to name places on a map of the UK. On the second we linked body parts to random words and phrases and the third was a picture quiz i.e. Guess the drink from the picture clue. There were tricky bits on each sheet i.e. A body part linked to the word 'extravagance' and a drink represented by a crying child.

Thanks to Pauline for providing the quiz, our president for the nibbles and the members who took part and made it a really fun evening. See you again next month if not before. 😁