Creekside’s Report for September

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Members were welcomed by Ann Parker with a special 'Welcome back! for Pat Trevett.

There were two special buttonhole this month. One was for Jenny Gaches and the other was given to Margaret Paice. 'Happy Birthday’ to you both!

It was reported that the kurling evenings have proved so popular that three other WI s would like to come. 'The food is fab and it's a really fun evening.'

On the 13th of November it is World Kindness Day, so if you are feeling the love then you could give a posie to someone.

Picture of James Gloyn

Our speaker this month, James Gloyn, was not only a very entertaining speaker but a very good singer as well. He accompanied his talk with beautiful photographs that illustrated his point and twice burst into song! He told us about the visiting birds in his Newchurch garden i.e. What attracts them, feather change, their loyalty to one another and illnesses. Did you know that there has been a 64% decrease of Green Finches in the last ten years and that Gold Finches are on the increase? Did you know that LBJ means large big jobs (birds)?

The Best Bloom was won by Maureen Turner and the speaker themed competition was won by Cheryl Downie.