The photographic club was formed in 2010 after having had a bursary digital photographic course in 2009 which was run by professional photographer, Gary Early.

Because Gary gave us so much help, advice and encouragement on the course, the members felt so enthused by it that they wanted it to carry on. It was at that point it was agreed to start our own photographic club.

We meet on the Second Friday every month at 2.30 - 4.00pm in a member's home or out on location. Gary comes along every three months or so when we discuss a certain topic in depth enabling us to learn more advance techniques. For the months in between, we set ourselves topics or themes and we go out taking photos relating to the theme. At the following meeting we show our photos on a screen and discuss them amongst ourselves, making positive suggestions for possible ways of improving the picture.

We are a small group, and always welcome new members. Ability is not an issue. It can be from no idea at all, up to a top notch photographer. The idea of the club is to have fun and to help each other where we can.

Please feel free to come along and join us.

Contact: Christine Tipple 01983 248 625.